Meet our founder: Alixander L Brosig

Utah Real Estate Principal Brokers License # 5454352-PB00

Alixander Brosig’s Bio        
Mr Brosig is former Mortgage Banking Compliance Underwriter for Utah Housing Corporation. He has 22 years experience and is an expert in mortgage & real estate transactions.  Since the age of 16 he has been a fresh thinking, creative, tenacious and collaborative entrepreneur. He specializes in developing new cutting edge start-ups. Mr. Brosig’s areas of expertise are real estate and mortgage banking with a focus on asset management and property administration. He is the founder of 8 companies  NOWTIME Consultants LLC, All-State Mortgage, ASR Marketing, All-State Realty, ASR Property Management and  F&R Realty. His newest projects include Consider It Done!!! and Draper EBikes.  Mr. Brosig has personally been involved with every step of development for all these endeavors. His creative ability has taken them from the idea board, testing viability, preparing business plans, branding, web site development, implementing systems and mentoring the amazing teams to support the companies. He has accomplished all this by age 43. Mr. Brosig is well versed in leadership, motivational, personal/business growth and training. He believes that our youth and start-up entrepreneurs will help create a brighter future and a better world. From his inner journey he brings forth his life lessons and experiences sharing his own transformation as a conscious entrepreneur. His ability to take his audience on a journey of discovery and growth is unmatched. With his broad and extensive background and more than 22 years of experience Alixander Brosig is leading a bold movement to inspire entrepreneurs to create their own conscious start-ups that can change the social fabric of societies throughout the world. His deep calling to understand and connect to his greatest purpose in life led him to focus on his spiritual path and in forming an alliance with those in his circle.